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Aquasolar Fountain Pumps - Sun Powered Watergardening

Solar Fountain Pumps
Sun Powered Watergardening

Using this solar module, your water display can continue running until sunset.

All necessary fittings are included. More than one solar module can be used at a time to produce more output.

Just by using an additional module, the maximum solar requirements can be reached for the Aquasolar 1500 even during non-optimum lighting.

Solarmodule 11

Current at 15 V 0.73 Amp.
Open Circuit Voltage 22V
Short Circuit Current 1.0 Amp
Temperature Coefficients:
Voltage -0.29 % / °C
Current +0.08 % / °C
Rated Voltage 12V
Power Rating Max 11 Watts
Suitable for Pumps Aquasolar 700
Aquasolar 1500
Dimensions 12.4" x 36.42" x 1.18"
Part No. 88284

Aquasolar 700

This pump is similar to the Aquarius 600 fountain pump. Through the use of solar energy, this pump can be operated at no cost.
This pump works independently of electrical outlets, and can be used whenever sunlight is available. It is specially designed for smaller water displays and fountains.

Part No. 88277

Aquasolar 700

Aquasolar 700 Kit

Part No. 88282
Aquasolar 700 Kit
- Fountain pump Aquasolar 700
- Solar module with aluminium frame 36"x12"
- Terracotta fish with hose
- Nozzle with extension

Aquasolar 1500

Our mid-sized solar energy fountain pump Aquasolar 1500.
Output with only one solar module ­ 4 gallons per minute.

Part No. 88278

Aquasolar 1500

Aquasolar 1500 Kit

Part No. 88283

Aquasolar 1500 Kit
- Fountain pump Aquasolar 1500
- Solar module with aluminium frame 36"x12"
- Terracotta amphore with 1/2" hose
- Silicon tube
- 1/2" Bell nozzle

The Aquarius 700 and 1500 work at the listed voltage as follows:

By installing an additional Solarmodule, the overall effectiveness can be increased during non-optimum lighting.

Maximum voltage 24 Volts.


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