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Bio Clear Filter System 3

Here is the Oase - BioClear-Filter System 3

Bio Clear Filter System

The Future Has Begun

Cloudy, dirty water and strong algae growth are common problems in ponds. These problems are caused by floating particles due to an excessive supply of nutrients, dead plants, over fertilized soil, acid rain, fish excrement and left over food. These particles produce ammonia which is harmful to all living beings. Our unique Bio Clear Filter System transforms ammonia into nitrite using process. The Nitrate (which is still harmful) is then changed into harmless Nitrate. Nitrate actually constitutes a healthy nutrient conductive to plant growth.

Another unique feature of the Bio Clear Filter System is the easy handling and cleaning. An indicator automatically gives the degree of pollution and shows when the filtered biomass must be removed. The filter is cleaned by simply removing the inner dirt tank, rinsing it with clear water, and re-inserting it again. The filtered biomass is a very good organic fertilizer.

The temperature indicator and the Bio Clear - Plus-Zone, used for receiving efficient additives, are additional unparalleled characteristics of this unique filter system. Please note: We advise you not to clean the tank and bio cartridges too thoroughly so that enough bacteria can remain in the filter to continue the decomposition of nourishing substances. The efficiently of the Bio Clear Filter System can be easily increased by using a parallel connection of several tanks.

Warranty: If used properly, OASE gives a three year warranty on the Bio Clear Filter System.

Bio Clear Filter System 3
Bio Clear 5 and 10
Bio Clear-Plus-Zone
Bio-elements with an extremely large surface area provide lots of space for micro-organisms to settle.
Bio Clear-Plus-Zone
The Bio Clear-Plus-Zone is a convenient place to put biological additives like the Biokick 1 filter starter.
Spray Aeration
Temperature and pollution indicator
Spray Aeration
Oxygen is added through the spray aeration.
Temperature and pollution indicator
A thermometer and a pollution indicator are integrated into the lid.
Discharge equipment
Red and blue zone
Discharge equipment
As an accessory a 1" drain valve is available which can be added later.
Part No. 88349
Red and blue zone
Easy to handle and to clean. The red and blue filter foam pads are available as replacement parts.
Part No. 88304 (Red)
Part No. 88205 (Blue)
1) 1" standard threaded connection

2) UV-Clear Magnet and UVC-lamp
The water is transported past a permanent magnet, and lime crystals are transformed. This prevents excessive calcification on vital parts of the filter system. Due to the 15 or 25 ultraviolet
light, green algae clot and germs are eliminated. The ultraviolet light works as an oxidizer and germicide and does not leave toxic substance in the water.

3) Spray Aeration
Strong whirls of water in the inlet supply the pond with air and thus with oxygen. This is important for the biological efficiency.

4) Blue Zone
Course dirt particles are kept in the voluminous blue bio-elements. Thanks to the oxygen rich blue zone bacteria develop quickly and transform ammonia (extremely dangerous to fish) into nitrite.

5) Bio elements
The granulate has a large surfaceand is ideal for an aerobic and anaerobic decomposition of pollutants at the same time. Harmful nitrite is decomposed.

6) Red Zone
Mechanical filtration, biological filtration and lack of oxygen allow bacteria in the red zone to decompose into nitrite. Nitrite can be absorbed and decomposed by plants in a natural way.

7) Denitrification Zone
Thanks to water that is poor in oxygen, micro-organisms change excessive nitrate into harmless nitrogen.

8) Dirt Tank
The dirt tank is made of environmentally friendly polythene. It can be completely removed for cleaning. The bio-mass is easily filtered out of the pond water and kept in the tank.

9) Bio Clear-Plus-Zone
This system was developed specifically for introducing different materials to the filter. These materials can be used to increase the ability of the fiber to eliminate phosphate. It can also be used to add filter starter and other biological additives.

10) Pollution Indicator
If the filter system is operated for a long time a high concentration of bio-mass may accumulate in the filter. A special system measures the degree of pollution and indicates when the filter should be changed in order to guarantee maximum efficiency.

11) Temperature Indicator
Micro-organisms such as bacteria at a temperature of more than 50 degrees F. Water which is too warm may cause increased algae growth and eliminate the majority of oxygen in the pond. The indicator shows you the ideal temperature for the pond and the activity of the bacteria.

12) Double Tank
The tank is made of environmentally friendly polythene. It can be buried in the ground of stay above ground as a stand alone unit.

13) Filter Outlet
2 3/4" standard outlet connection.


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