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Biological Filter Bog

Keeps Your Pond Water Clear The Natural Way

The pond water containing floating particles and algae settles in the bottom of the water of the collection basin. From here the pond flows into a reservoir at the bottom of the basin. The pressure that is produced in the collection basin forces the water through the holed base plate into the bio-filter, which lies above it. The bio-filter consists of alternate layers of medium stone, fine stone and course filtering sand planted with marsh and shore vegetation plantings. The floating particles and algae are filtered out as the pond water gradually rises. The vegetation withdraws the nourishing substances that feed the algae from the water. Microorganism feel at home in this thickly rooted layer and help to decompose the organic substances. After the clean water reaches the surface again, it flows back into the pond via a stream or waterfall.

Our biological filter bog system endures clear water the natural way.

General Specifications

110 Gallon Biological Filter Bog
Contains: Tub, subfloor screen and barrier wall.
Material: Polyethylene
Warranty: 15 years

50 Gallon Biological Filter Bog

- For ponds up to 1500 gallons.
- Recommended pumps are Aquarius 8 or Nautilus 10.
- Width 2'7"
- Length 4'
- Depth 1'6"
- Capacity: 50 gallons

Part No. 88780

110 Gallon Biological Filter Bog

- For ponds 1000 gallons up to 3000 gallons.
- Recommended pumps are Nautilus 10, 30 and 45
- Width............ 4'
- Length........... 5'
- Depth...........1'8"
- Capacity: 110 gallons

Part No. 88779


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