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Candle Jet Nozzle

Like columns of liquid sentries standing watch, welcoming visitors and passersby, the OASE Candle Jet nozzle produces a pillar of dense, full, foaming, icicle-like fountain effects that pulsate proudly as if ready to burst with reserves of immense power. Pretty and understated by day, the candle effect is fully realized at night with underwater illumination that accents the Candle Jet's output shape, height and charm with a warm, genteel glow.

Because the aerated froth minimizes splash and audible impact, this nozzle is a solid choice for interior installations and small water holding confines, and creates an atmosphere ideal for both interior and exterior business office and residential courtyards, entry ways, gardens and solariums, especially in multiple nozzle arrangements.

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

  • Suitable for calm to light wind conditions.
  • The Candle Jet nozzle is water level independent and can be located in "dry" areas.
  • The Candle Jet nozzle has an ANSI flanged connection.
  • The Candle Jet nozzle is tolerant to non-plumb installations.
  • Special compression gaskets are available for correcting up to a 2° non-plumb installation.
  • For proper performance the water supply should be reasonable non-turbulent. This can be achieved by providing a straight length of feed pipe prior to the nozzle flange equivalent to eight pipe diameters (6" pipe = 4' minimum straight run).
  • Provide a basket strainer for nozzle protection. Maximum 5/32" diameter perforations.

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