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Churner Fountain Nozzle

Evoking images of a moving tree made of constantly changing white water, OASE's patented Churner nozzle gives off an extremely dense, full, foaming and frothy spout that centers the view and draws attention to the water feature and its own unique appearance. Add underwater illumination for a singularly stunning statement. The Churner nozzle is the logical choice wherever high-visibility fountain effects are called for.

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

  • Suitable for calm to light wind conditions.
  • The Churner nozzle is water level independent and can be located in "dry" areas.
  • The Churner nozzle has an ANSI flanged connection.
  • The Churner nozzle is tolerant to non-plumb installations.
  • Special compression gaskets are available for correcting up to a 2° non-plumb installation.
  • For proper performance the water supply should be reasonably non-turbulent. This can be achieved by providing a straight length of feed pipe prior to the nozzle flange equivalent to eight pipe diameters (6" pipe = 4' minimum straight run).
  • Provide a basket strainer for nozzle protection. Maximum 5/32" diameter perforations.

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