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Comet Fountain Nozzle

An almost limitless range of interesting effects and patterns can be achieved with our Comet nozzle. Used as a single jet, or in groups, or in concert with other nozzle models, the Comet's single, clear stream, glass-like effect can easily be configured to spray inward from the perimeter, or outward from center, and is most often incorporated into spray rings and bars. Each Comet nozzle is adjustable 24° (12° off center), for precise aiming. Comet nozzles can be arranged and adjusted in groups to create interesting patterns and effects. Create an impressive dome in a circular pool, or a simple series of inward arcs culminating in a central crashing fall. Whatever your design plans are, the Comet nozzle has a place in them.

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

  • All Comet nozzles are adjustable smooth bore nozzles with straightening vanes.
  • Comet nozzles are water level independent and can be located in "dry" areas.
  • Construction is of brass with Teflon seats and ABS flow straightening vanes.
  • Comet nozzles should not be mounted in swimming pools where they may cause injury. Use with swimming pools requires the jet to be mounted in a flush niche to protect the swimmers.
  • All Comet nozzles are male NPT threads.

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