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Drum Pressure Filter

Special Filter Granulate
- Special minerals that provide habitat for bacteria that clarify the water.
- Use two 14 lb. packages to fill drum pressure filter.
Part No. 88601

Drum Pressure Filter Aquapur 18

- Biologically and mechanically clears ponds up to 4800 gallons.
- Use with Nautilus 10, 30 and 45.
Part No. 88631

How to Use
Use the Nautilus 10, 30 or 45 to push water into bottom intake of drum.

Water is sprayed to top of pressure fit lid and then forced downward through filter pad and 12" of granulate.

Beneficial bacteria living in granulate consume the pond impurities as they pass through.

Water returns to pond from bottom of drum by way of stream or waterfall.

Drum filter can be placed in the pond or outside the pond.
(See diagram below)

Intake (threaded).................1"
Discharge (threaded)............1"


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