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EcoLogic Pond

Pond & Lake Reclamation Systems
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Ecologic Pond

The Eco-Logic™ Pond & Lake Reclamation System employs an innovative aeration method that directly introduces life-giving airborne oxygen to the bottom of the lake or pond. Rising air bubbles circulate and revitalize oxygen depleted water while displacing dissolved carbon dioxide. The increase in dissolved oxygen levels promotes the proliferation and well being of fish and other oxygen dependent aquatic life.


The Eco-Logic™ Pond Aeration Systems & Lake Reclamation System employs a specially developed ozone cell automatically producing high purity ozone. This ozone is combined with pressurized air prior to its injection into the bottom of the lake or pool. Ozone enrichment is employed to accelerate and amplify the beneficial effects of the dissolved oxygen. In addition, the ozone serves to oxidize organics and toxins that are resistant to oxygen alone.

Pond Aeration Systems

Lake Reclamation System
Stagnant lakes and ponds grow algea that thrive on nutrients and sediment derived from decaying plant and animal matter. The lakes and ponds become dark and murky and begin releasing unpleasant odors. A deficiency in dissolved oxygen becomes progressively worse and the lakes and ponds are unable to support aquatic life. The Eco-Logic™ Pond & Lake Reclamation System directly introduces a controlled combination of air and ozone to the bottom of the lake or pond promoting a positive ecological balance in the water.
Ecologic Pond
Removes floating algae, aerates water and eliminates odors caused by anaerobic decomposition. Simple installation and maintenance.
Economical Safe
Low power consumption and minimal labor required for upkeep. No electrical wire or energized equipment is in contact with the water. Treatment is non-toxic to human and marine life.
Chemical-Free Automatic
Eliminates use, handling and storage of dangerous chemicals.
No harmful residuals or disinfection by-products. Alleviates need for Ph balancing.
Provides continous and thorough treatment without operator attention or measurement.

  • Increased oxygen levels
  • Promotes the balance of aquatic life
  • Eliminates unwanted waterborne weeds and algae
  • Directly reduces, color, turbidity and odors
  • Circulates and destratifies water
  • Induced currents create more uniform water temperature
  • Ozone breaks down toxins and organic matter that are resistant to oxygen alone
  • Oxidizes and precipitates dissolved metals


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