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Fan Jet Nozzle

With a reverse waterfall like a shimmering sheet of liquid pearls, our Fan jet nozzle's compact, fan-shaped water stream is ideal for creating vertical or obliquely rising water veils. In addition to the elegant effect it creates, Fan jets are also useful for obscuring the view or objects behind them. This effect is significantly enhanced when arranged along an overlapping line, producing a lovely water curtain. Fan jet nozzles feature a stream thickness of 1/4", and a projection angle of 90 degrees.

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

  • The Fan Jet nozzle is water level independent and can be located in "dry" areas.
  • Construction is of stainless steel.
  • Fan Jet nozzles should not be mounted in swimming pools where they may cause injury. Use with swimming pools requires the jet to be mounted in a flush niche to protect the swimmers.
  • The Fan Jet nozzle has male BSPP threads.

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