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Fountain Lights

OASE, Crystal, Hydrel and other major brands

Below is just a small sampling of the fountain lights, underwater lights we offer at Long Island Fountain Company. If you are interested in more detailed information about our underwater lights, or if you are not sure if we carry a particular item, please fill out Request Form as completely as possible, or call and ask for our Technical Department. They are available for design consultation, and to answer any question you may have!

Long Lasting Underwater Lights
High Quality, Long Lasting Underwater Lights are U.L. approved and come complete with 200Watt Par46 300Watt Par56 or 500Watt Par56 Lamp with Rock Guard and 7 Lens Colors. 12Volt also available.
Bronze Fixture with  Bullet Proof Lens
King of Low Voltage Lighting May hold up to 7-75 Watt Bulbs in 5 Colors. Bronze Fixture with .6" Bullet Proof Lens.
Underwater Lights
Most Popular Budget Conscious Lights. Made of corrosion resistant thermoplastics with stainless steel mounting bracket. 120V Unit with 110Watt Lamp may be put in series.
Fountain Lights
UL Listed MiniLight. Excellent confined space light. Super bright Halogen bulb. Stainless steel fixture with build-in Rock Guard and low water cutoff.
Brass Junction Boxes
Brass Junction Boxes. UL approved for 1-12 lighting fixtures. Brass cord seals for 18/3 - 3/0 wire. Waterproof Re-entrable sealing compound.

Fountain lights and Underwater lights illuminate the natural beauty of water and make for stunning nighttime viewing. Create innovative lighting effects and displays with lighting from Long Island Fountain Company. All of our underwater lights are made of high-quality, durable materials and follow strict safety guidelines. Whether you choose fountain lights in crisp white or lights in a rainbow of colors, your architectural fountains and water features will be bathed in an aesthetically pleasing glow. We carry a wide variety of underwater lights from major manufacturers such as OASE, Crystal, Hydrel and others.


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