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Frothy Fountain Nozzle

Like liquid lava or an undulating glacier, the Frothy nozzle is the center of attention in any water feature, whether ramped up with power or downplayed and subtle. The Frothy effect is created by a high quantity of air entrained in the water stream, giving you a foamy effect like none other. Developed in Germany to provide a large display with minimal water requirements, the Frothy nozzle is among our most efficient designs. The Frothy's effect is very "soft" in both appearance and audible impact and can be used in small pools and indoor applications without creating annoyance or distraction.

This "soft" effect also causes less splash than most nozzles. The Frothy nozzle is a water level independent type aerator, suitable for use in pools with an uncontrolled water level. This nozzle can even be used in "dry" locations, such as the top of a boulder, column, or statue. For the most dramatic effect, a series of Frothys placed in close proximity to each other creates an amazing opaque water "wall".

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

  • All Frothy nozzles are water level independent aerating types. The air is drawn by venturi effect through a slot around the side near the top of the nozzle.
  • These nozzles can be submerged in water up to the slot level. Be sure to provide enough freeboard on the nozzle not to disturb the air suction by wave action.
  • If placed under water, the Frothy produces a large "mound" effect with entrained pool water.
  • The Frothy 35-10E is the only adjustable type. The water flow is adjusted by turning the nozzle body with respect to the star handle at the bottom. Performance is measured at the most efficient setting, however, the 35-10E is shipped unadjusted.
  • Since the Frothy nozzle discharges above the pool water level, no check valve is required in installations that have various level pools.
  • All Frothy nozzles are BSPP thread and require the adapters shown to mate with NPT fittings. BSPP couplings will fit NPT pipe.

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