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Geyser Fountain Nozzle

The Geyser nozzle is a water and air entraining venturi type, which augments the effect by adding water volume from the pool and aerating the mass. This method provides a heavy punch with moderate aeration to increase visibility. Compared to the Cascade nozzle, visibility is greater because the entrained air gives a roiling, white water appearance. Geysey nozzles are widely used in architectural fountains due to their high visibility and good wind resistance. Moderately "hard" in both appearance and audible impact, the Geyser is best used in large pools and outdoor applications where a noise masking water effect is desired. The Geyser nozzle is also a water level dependent type, and requires a controlled water level. Several Geyser nozzles can be placed in close proximity for a striking "picket fence" effect.

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

  • All Geyser nozzles are water level dependent venturi types. The surrounding pool water is drawn by venturi effect through the bottom of the nozzle, while air is entrained through a slot near the top.
  • These nozzles can be submerged in water up to the slot level. but maximum efficiency is achieved if the water level is held to the dimensions given. Be sure to give enough freeboard for the slot such that wave action won't interfere withthe air intake.
  • If placed in fountains of more than one water level, check valves should be installed inline with the nozzle. (The discharge orifice of the Geyser nozzle is actually under water, and if installed in an upper pool of multi-level fountains, can cause the water of the upper level to drain back through the display pump to the lower level.
  • This type of nozzle can set up a resonant wave action in certain pools. If an undesired wave action occurs, it can be eliminated by adding a copper surge tube around the nozzle locations. This is a copper tube, about 6" in diameter, mounted from water level to about 1" above the pool floor.
  • All Geyser nozzles are NPT thread.

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