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Jumping Jet Nozzle

Undeniably, the Jumping Jet water effect is the most stunning and popular fountain display available. Where ever Jumping Jet displays are installed, they are always a major attraction and the subject of conversation.

Jumping Jet Specifications


26GPM (100 LPM)


12'TDH (0.4 Bar)



Orifice Diameter

0.7" (18mm)

Recommended Pump

Nautilus 60

Alternate Pump

Atlantis 150

Internal screen mesh


Recommended filter

600 micron bag type

Internal light

12 volt / 75 watt

Outer drive

24 volt 2 amp dc stepper motor

Minimum reaction time

0.3 seconds

Maximum water depth

15.75" (400mm)


Stainless steel

Vertical adjustment

45" - 90"

Horizontal adjustment


Maximum display height

16' 3" (5m)

Maximum display throw

20' 0" (6m)


155lbs. (70Kg)

Motor cable

7x18ga. 0.315" O.D. (8mm)

Light cable

2x14ga. 0.35" O.D. (9mm)

The laminar flow jet coupled with the cutting mechanism provides a very clean water jump, enabling designers and architects to use this effect over pedestrian walkways and other dry areas. The water appears as a clear glass rod, and can be chopped to appear as glass rods flying through the air. Many Jumping Jets can be synchronized to achieve a choreographed display. A popular variation on this concept is to have many jumping jets hidden in different plant-ers. The jets shoot, in sequence, from planter to planter, looking like leaping snakes.

The Jumping Jet display is an attention-getter. Available in a portable configuration, the Jumping Jet system would be an ideal display for trade shows or any environment where attention needs to be attracted.

For many years, Oase Pumps, Inc. has successfully built the Jumping Jet Flash system as the "Flying stream of wa-ter". The original system utilized a pneumatic cutting de-vice, and many such Jumping Jets are installed in water displays, theme parks, fairs, and exhibitions.

The new "next generation" Jumping Jet now utilizes an electronic cutting device, greatly simplifying the mechanics of the nozzle. There is no requirement for an air compressor or high pressure water pump, as the jet needs only the dis-play pump and electrical connection for installation. Since the cutting device is electronic, without using air or high water pressure, the jet operates almost silently. The new jet is
smaller and incorporates a larger laminar flow nozzle than other similar jets.

Oase Pumps, Inc. Jumping Jets are available with internal lighting kits to illuminate the water stream, and also are avail-able without the chopping mechanism for a static laminar flow display. Construction is of all high quality stainless steel with pvc stabilizer screens and a brass submersible stepper motor and brass light. Constructed to stand the test of time, undoubtably the best quality Jumping Jet available. Custom configurations are available from the factory, please call with your requirements!


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