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Fountain Lighting Basics

Fountain Lighting Basics

There are very few unlighted fountains being installed today. As attractive as a fountain may be during daylight hours, it is immeasurably more beautiful at night with multi-hued lights playing upon it. A few things to remember. You can rarely over-light a fountain and under-lighting one can completely ruin its potential beauty. Lights with clear lens when operating at the same time as lights with colored lens tend to "wash" out the color. Colored lens have different light transmission values and for balanced brilliance this must be taken into consideration. Relative light transmission values are approximately as follows:

White (Clear) ..... 100% Amber ..... 50% Red ..... 25%
Green ................. 15% Blue ......... 15%  

Different shades of these basic colors will, of course, affect these precentages.

The new quartz iodine lamps, particularly in the sealed beam PAR-56 and PAR-64 envelopes, provide excellent light sources in the 500 watt and 1000 watt classification. It permits high light output lamps to be housed in relatively small fixtures and, when used with the PAR-56 300 watt incandescent lamps, proves great flexibility.

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