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Pond Jet Pump

Pond Jet PumpPond Jet

Pond Jet
This fountain unit is delivered "ready for installation" and supplies garden ponds and lakes with oxygen in a natural and decorative way. The clearly structured water display reaches a spray height of approximately 13 feet at a spray diameter of approximately 9 feet.
Pond Jet pump is ideal for use when the installation of water displays is difficult due to marshy conditions or when pond bottoms are difficult to access. Pond Jet is also an ideal pump for use in temporary situations when a beautiful water display is desired for a special occasion. The minimum depth required is only 17 inches.

The water display is particularly fascinating when illuminated at night. When the Pond Jet is confined with the 3 Lunaqua 5 underwater light set, which are daisy chained together with intermediate cable, a perfect illumination of water display is created.

Pond Jet 2400 GPH
Part No. 88301
Voltage 115/60 Hz
Power Consumption 260 Watts
Strainer Surface 100.75 Sq. In.
Weight 19.8 lbs.
Cord Length 75 ft.
3 Lunaqua 5 light set
Shown with 3 Lunaqua 5 light set

3 Lunaqua 5 underwater lights, daisy-chained together
- VoltageIncludes 75 feet of cable
Part No. 88409

- Automatic timer with photo cell mechanically controls the timing of the fountain and optically controls the timing if the lights. Includes GFCI.
Part No. 85150
Pond Jet Pump Accessories

Nozzle & Part No.
1" Blossom (88153) 8 ft. 10 ft.
1" Frothy (88154) --- 4 - 6 ft
1" Bell / Cascade (88152) 6 ft. 5 ft.



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