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Pond Vent Ice Preventer - Oase Pond Supplies

Pond Vent Ice PreventerPond Vent Ice Preventer 900
Pond Vent Ice Preventer

Dual Purpose Pump: The Pond-Vent ice preventer 900 includes a 1/2" cascade nozzle so that it can be used as a fountain pump during the warmer seasons of the year.

Every winter, the same problem occurs: The pond freezes up completely, and toxic gases build up at the bottom of the pond and cannot escape. Toxic gases create a lack of oxygen in the water and cause the poisoning of living organisms. Due to this lack of oxygen, fish and microorganisms have practically no chance of survival.

The OASE Pond-Vent Ice Preventer 900 is the solution to this problem.

How does it work?

The Pond-Vent pump pulls the lower layer of water (which has been warmed up to around 39°F by the higher temperature of the earth) from the bottom of the pond. The water is then pumped through the hose, using extremely little energy, and is let out at the surface directly below the floating bowl. 220 gallons per hour are being delivered by the Pond-Vent without breaking up the water layers. The warmth of the water is sufficient to keep a hole with a radius of 11-11.5" ice free. This allows toxic gases caused by decomposition processes (fish excrement, leaves, etc.) to evaporate. This aeration process helps ensure the survival of fish and other microorganisms. In order to operate the Pond-Vent Ice Preventer properly, the pump, which hangs on the floating bowl, should be 8" above the bottom of the pond. The depth of the pond should be 24-32". The enclosed hose, which connects to the floating bowl, is 32" long and can be shortened if necessary. This product has been thoroughly tested and functions in temperatures as low as -4° F.

Pond-Vent Ice Preventer 900
Part No. 88320
Voltage 115/60 Hz
Power Consumption 1 Watts
Gallons per Hour 220 GPH
Cord Length 15 ft.

* Based on $.10 a kilowatt hour - 12 month continuous usage.

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