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Pre-Fabricated Fountain Lights, Underwater lights and Accessories

Lights & Light Mounting Brackets

These high quality, long lasting underwater lights are U.L. listed and come complete with a 200W par 46 sealed beam lamp with a tempered glass lens. Lenses are available in 7 different colors. A ten foot, heavy duty, 3-wire, grounded cord is standard. Additional cord lengths are optional. Light size: 7" dia. x 4 1/2" depths for 200W.
Fountain Lights Light Mounting Brackets

Color Lenses

When ordering the OASE fountains with underwater lights, lens colors must be specified. Brilliant colors should be used in areas where surrounding lighting cannot be controlled.
Color Lenses
OASE Lens Colors Approx. Visible Light Transmittance
Clear (White) "W" 92%
Amber "A" 55%
Turquoise "T" 23% Use for Maximum brilliance
Light Red "LR" 20%
Dark Red "DR" 7% Use only where other lighting will not interfere with fountain lighting
Blue "B" 3%
Green "G" 3%

Fountain Bowl & Screen Assembly

Fountain Bowl & Screen Assembly

OASE Fountain Screen Basic Dimensions
Diameter Part No.
31 1/2" 82400
42" 82401
45" 82402
65 1/2" 82403
84" 82404
OASE Fountain Bowl Basic Dimensions
Diameter Height Water Level Part No.
36" 9 7/8" 7" 82300
48" 10 1/8" 7" 82301
52" 10 1/2" 7" 82302
72" 10 1/4" 7" 82302
94" 16 1/4" 11" 82304

Single or Dual Nozzle Bases

  • Base to hold fountain nozzles at the proper water level height
  • To provide leveling legs for vertical positioning of the nozzle
  • To provide a valve to control the height of the water pattern
Single or Dual Nozzle Bases

Color Blenders

The various color combinations of lights are programmed to automatically sequence. This provides continuous variation to the fountain patterns. The time intervals are pre-set to the most enjoyable viewing. The Color Blender must be installed outside of the pool, above ground level, easily accessible and preferably out of sight. The unit must be kept dry.

Color Blenders

Illuminate your fountains and bring out true nighttime beauty. We carry everything you need including fountain light mounts, color lenses and color blenders. Read below for details on our pre-fabricated fountain lights, underwater lights and accessories. If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please contact us.

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