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Pre-Fabricated Spray Rings

Let your imagination create a live palette of truly unique aqua artistry. With a variety of interesting effects possible, OASE's Residential Spray Rings offer the same tranquility and soothing class of our Architectural Spray Rings, in a low-cost version for residential and interior use. This model is also available in a double ring configuration that provides its own center feed point.

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

Spray rings have been a mainstay of fountain design, usually when coupled with a cascade nozzle or statuary center piece, and are the perfect choice to fill a particular pool since they can be configured to spray from the edge to the center, containing splash within the pool itself.

Similar to our Architectural Spray Ring in effect appearance, Residential models are machine manufactured circular copper tubes fitted with swaged tube nozzles. Each of these provide a clear stream jet, offering the homeowner a large, pleasing display with minimal water consumption. Each swaged tube nozzle is adjustable via an annealed copper tube stem giving you the precise aiming necessary for a perfect, exacting appearance.

Further, double ring configurations let you achieve several eye-catching effects. For example, the inner ring can be aimed toward the center and the outer ring outward, creating a centerpiece effect. Or, aim both outward for a two tiered effect, or aim them both in opposite directions for a spiraling, basket weave effect. The choices are yours.

  • Residential Spray Rings are equipped with swaged in place, annealed copper tube nozzles, which are adjustable by means of bending.
  • The annealed copper tube nozzles are not replaceable, so these rings are reccomended as a low cost alternative to the Architectural Spray Ring and should be used in "guarded" locations.
  • Residential Spray Rings are water level independent and can be located in "dry" areas.
  • deally the spray ring is mounted in a pool or body of water, with the center of the ring at water level.
  • Residential Spray Rings are equipped with several inlet ports depending on the size and model. These ports are female BSPPT threads on the center feed "Z" versions and male BSPPT threads on the standard version. All ports should be fed with equal flow and pressure, as the ring is designed to equalize nozzle pressures only between feeds.
  • Residential Spray Rings do not include any type of leg or mounting, but can be mounted directly using the feed plumbing.
  • Eight standard sizes and configurations of Residential Spray Rings are listed here. Since these are machine fabricated, no custom sizes are available.

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