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Spheres & Hemispheres Nozzles

Daring and delicate, bold and beautiful, the Water Sphere is incredibly striking, even when not in use. This is an effect that leaves a lasting impression and will be the topic of conversation where ever installed. The effect it creates is almost other worldly, yet uses a minimum amount of water. In fact, the Water Sphere provides the most visible effect with minimal water demand. Enhance the effect with a spray ring or a circle of Frothy or Cascade jets and nighttime illumination for tremendous visual impact.

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

  • Water Spheres are constructed of Stainless Steel and incorporate Brass nozzles.
  • Each "arm" is threaded in place by means of a male BSPP thread.
  • All Water Spheres are water level independent.
  • Nozzles are adjusted using an included feeler gauge.
  • Designed for public installations.
  • Nozzles cannot be removed by casual vandals.
  • Mounting base and hose connections are standard. Custom configurations are available.

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