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Spray Bars Fountain Nozzle

OASE's Architectural Spray Bar is the ultimate compliment to high-end fountain or pool installations, lending the feel of regal, stately elegance. Made of a copper (or other special material) tube fitted with Comet nozzles that each provide a clear stream jet, the effect is a dancing, symmetrical display with minimal water consumption. Spray bars are popular elements in fountain design, usually when coupled with a cascade nozzle or statuary center piece or along the sides of narrow, long fountains. They're the perfect choice to fill a particular pool since they can be configured to spray from the edge to the center, containing splash within the pool itself. Each Comet nozzle is adjustable 24° (12° off center) giving you the precise aiming necessary for a perfect, exacting appearance.

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

  • Architectural Spray Bars are equipped with Comet nozzles, which are adjustable smooth bore nozzles with straightening vanes.
  • Architectural Spray Bars are water level independent and can be located in "dry" areas.
  • Ideally the spray bar is mounted in a pool or body of water, with the center of the bar at water level.
  • Architectural Spray Bars are equipped with several inlet ports depending on the size and model. These ports are all female NPT threads. All ports should be fed with equal flow and pressure, as the bar is designed to equalize nozzle pressures only between feeds.
  • Architectural Spray Bars are equipped with rigid copper (or other special material) legs and are delivered cut to a tube center to ground distance of 24". These legs can be cut down to provide a ring height of 18", or be set into the pool floor by drilling and epoxy. The legs fit into sockets on the bottom of the bar and are through-bolted in place. Custom sized legs or special configurations are available.
  • Bottom drains are provided for winterizing.
  • 20 standard sizes of Architectural Spray Bars made of copper are listed here, however, we can make bars of any size and configuration, and made of brass, red brass, and stainless steel.

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