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Aerating Fountains - OASE Strata-Series Accessories

Aerating fountains Strata-Series Command Center

The OASE Strata-Series™ Command Centers incorporate a variety of optional automatic control and safety features. All single phase panels are UL listed for the application. Pre-wired at the factory to a coded terminal strip for easy installation, each Command Center is protected by a weatherproof box.

Strata-Series Command Center
  • Automatic 24 hour time clock control for pump operation
  • Automatic 24 hour combination time clock and photo control for lighting operation
  • Complete UL listing for all single phase units
  • Complete UL listed component construction on 3 phase units
  • All solid state circuit switching contactors

Colored Lighting Lenses

Enhance your OASE water feature display with your choice of colored lighting. Mix and match colors to add vibrancy to the dancing water.

Colored Lighting Lenses

  • For use with 200, 300 or 500 watt lights
  • 7 different lenses to chose from in clear, amber, turquoise, light red, dark red, dark blue and dark green
  • Heavy Duty commercial grade construction
Lighting Color Blender

OASE’s Aeration Products let you make the most of your pondscape with the night lighting Color Blender option, custom craft-ed for a perfect, awe-inspiring display. Computer controlled programming mixes, exchanges and blends a variety of colored light to make your night time display come alive!
Lighting Color Blender
  • For use with Strata-vator Series 6 or 9 light systems only
  • Factory programmed animated display
  • Compatible with 200, 300 or 500 watt systems


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