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Submersible Aquavator Fountains

Submersible Fountains Submersible Fountains Submersible Fountains Submersible Fountains

"Aqua-vator" submersible fountain assemblies are completely factory engineered, recirculating systems which are easily adapted to existing or planned decorative pool applications. "Aqua-vator" fountain assemblies include a pump & motor, adjustment valve (most models), leveling feet, lights (optional), electrical cord and fountain nozzle. These components are mounted on a custom designed base which holds the lights in position to best illuminate the water feature.
"Aqua-vator" assemblies may require some plumbing. A dedicated G.F.C.I protected electrical circuit is recommended. All electrical units must be installed in accordance with local and/or National Electrical Code Requirements.

"Aqua-vator" submersible fountain assemblies are designed for underwater use only, with a minimum of 2" of water over the top of any light fixtures. If the water level exceeds the maximum level shown on the specification chart, the "Aqua-vator" unit must be set higher by using a concrete block, or other firm foundation material. The final location must insure that the lights are positioned approximately two or three inches below the water level.

"Aqua-vator" assemblies using 3 or 5 lights are available with a color blender to automatically sequence the lights for maximum effect.


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