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Submersible Turbine Pumps

The Oase STP series 6 " and 8 " Submersible Turbine Pumps are designed specifically for architectural, municipal, and commercial fountain applications. Seven series of 6" pumps with flow rates up to 550 GPM, and two series of 8" pumps with flow rates up to 1000 GPM are offered. Standard configurations include all single and two stage pumps, with a maximum of eight stages offered for extreme pressure requirements. The Oase STP series pumps meet the rigid technical standards and specifications used in the design of architectural, industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.

Click the links below to go to these specific STP models:

6LX Series - 90 GPM
6X Series - 250 GPM
6L Series - 110 GPM
6W Series - 400 GPM
6M Series - 140 GPM
8DH Series - 650 GPM
6H Series - 175 GPM
8DHH Series - 850 GPM

Oase STP pumps can be used in installations fed with city water supplies, or reclaimed water supplies. Unlike submersible sump pumps, the Oase STP pump is designed for the continuous use duty of an architectural water feature. All STP pumps are cast iron construction with brass or stainless steel impellers, with brass or stainless steel mounts, and a stainless steel suction screen and cooling shroud. Motors are stainless steel water cooled types, with no internal oil to leak out. STP pumps can operate in as little as 18" of water depth. Designing your fountain using Oase submersible equipment will save installed cost, as there is no requirement for a buried vault or any suction plumbing. Typically, a 24" deep sump is incorporated into the fountain design (covered with a fiberglass grate) and a direct-burial external filter used. This can result in an installed cost savings of 20% or more over a buried vault system! Oase Pumps & Fountains has a staff of experts trained and experienced in practical and technical engineering problems and are capable of designing and building the finest in turbine pump equipment. Our exacting standards of highest-quality materials, engineering, inspection, and testing are your assurance that the Oase STP pump will deliver dependable performance for your application.

Technical Description:

  • Standard sizes from 1Hp to 30Hp, single or dual stage configurations. Larger Horsepower and three or more stages are available as specials
  • Available in single or three phase power, 60Hz standard, 50Hz available (for 50Hz operation, derate the pump curves approximately 20%). Single phase pumps 2Hp and larger require an external starter capacitor box
  • Cord length is 10 ' standard. Longer cord lengths are available on request
  • Discharge is axial female NPT threads. For ease of installation and best serviceability, it 's recommended that a flanged fitting and wafer type butterfly valve be used on the outlet
  • Discharge, Intermediate Bowls and Motor Brackets:Heavy duty class 30 cast iron for maximum efficiency and abrasion resistance
  • Reliable long life bronze bearing in every stage.
  • Impeller:Balanced lead free silicone bronze, enclosed impellers designed for maximum efficiencies with a wide range of hydraulic coverage and corrosion resistance
  • The NFPA NEC (National Electrical Code)Article 680 (Fountains) limits submersible pumps to 300 volt or less operation and requires a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI or GFI) listed for personnel protection be installed. For this reason, we don't offer any submersible pump for distribution in the USA with an input power higher than 240 volts. Provide proper GFCI protection on installation
  • 10 ",12 " & 14 " Turbine Submersibles are also available, utilizing a vertical turbine bowl and fabricated brackets. Contact our application engineers for more information

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