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Tulip Fountain Nozzle

Thick, lush, and solid looking, the Tulip nozzle gives you an impressively heavy, attention-getting water display for its size. Its effect is similar to our Gushing nozzle, except that the dynamics form an upward flowering effect like an opening blossom.

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

The Tulip's wonderfully substantive display is adjustable simply by altering the height of the outer jacket tube, and changes in nozzle performance have little effect on water consumption.

The Tulip is an excellent choice for mirroring and mimicking surrounding flower gardens in contemporary water renderings, especially when arranged in groups with differing height displays.

  • The Tulip nozzle is water level independent and can be located in "dry" areas. The Tulip nozzle incorporates a swivel base to correct for misalignment from the vertical.
  • Nozzle performance is adjustable by means of a movable outer tube.
  • The Tulip nozzle has female BSPP threads.



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