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Vesuvius Fountain Nozzle

We don't call it Vesuvius for nothing. A mainstay of "Dancing Waters" displays, Vesuvius is both natural disaster and natural beauty at the same time, confounding the eye to determine which one of these it really is.

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

At the heart of the lively, bursting display of aerated water is a rotary nozzle within a stationary nozzle that distributes a profuse plethora of tiny droplets resembling an unbridled fireworks feast. The display is so active and animated, it demands to be viewed in awe and wonder, daring the mind to imagine the infamous mount for which it's named and the havoc it once wrought.

Captivating by day, at night the effect is almost that of "bombs bursting in air" when properly lit, owing to the prism-like light reflecting qualities of the crystalline drops.

Part of our world-renowned line of energy efficient nozzles, the Vesuvius achieves maximum visual effect with minimum water consumption, and is best suited to locations sheltered from wind.

  • All Vesuvius nozzles are water level independent types and can be located in "dry" areas.
  • The Vesuvius nozzle utilizes a rotating element to create the dual cones. Filtration of the pool water is recommended.
  • Since the Vesuvius nozzle discharges above the pool water level, no check valve is required in installations that have various level pools.
  • All Vesuvius nozzles are female NPT threads. Adapters are available for use in BSPPT systems.
  • Vesuvius nozzles are high efficiency nozzles, and use little water to create the visual effect. As such, they should be used in locations sheltered from wind.

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