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Vulcan Three Tier Nozzle

The Vulcan nozzle is a tri-tier, multiple clear stream jet type. From decorative indoor applications to large, powerful outdoor use, OASE's Vulcan nozzle provides the most elaborate display from a single nozzle available. The Vulcan nozzle is typically used alone, with colored or white lights, to produce a sparkling, dazzling effect. The Vulcan is a pod type nozzle utilizing Comet jets. Each Comet jet is adjustable 24° (12° off center) for precise aiming. The small Vulcan is ideal for residential and indoor fountains, while the largest is perfect for lakes.

Noise Level
Wind Stability
Energy Efficiency

  • All Vulcan nozzles are pod type with smooth bore nozzles. Internal baffles reduce pressure to the outer rings of nozzles.
  • The larger sizes of Vulcan Nozzles (200/19-6T and 300/19-8T) have individual Comet nozzles which are adjustable and have straightening vanes. The Comet nozzles are adjustable within 24°.
  • Vulcan nozzles are water level independent and can be located in "dry" areas.
  • See also the section on "Maxi Vulcan Nozzles" for use with the Maxi Stratavator floating fountain. "Maxi Vulcan Nozzles" are PVC bodied with brass Comet nozzles and have a higher jet density. All "Maxi" nozzles are usable in conventional installations.
  • All Vulcan nozzles are male BSPP threads. All Maxi Vulcan nozzles are 3" NPT female threads.

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