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Dandelion Hemisphere

The Dandelion Hemisphere produces a delicate and floating effect in the resemblance of a seed-headed dandelion. The interconnected discs of water shimmer on the surface and illuminate beautifully. This effect is ideal for malls, foyers, and areas which are free of wind.

Delicate and floating with a dandelion type of effect, the Dandelion Hemisphere has interconnection discs of water which shimmer on the surface. Ideal for malls, foyers and areas which are free of wind.
Not water level dependent.

Construction shall be cast bronze, machined brass and copper, Nozzles are easily cleaned, individually adjustable and removable.

Stand – Contact Crystal Fountains Inc.

For optimum effect
1. Requires fine screening at pump 1/16″ (.063″ / 1.5mm) openings.

If you have questions on this product please call 631-467-5115.


  • Nozzles are easily cleaned, individually adjustable, and removable
  • Multiple sizes depending on which NDH you choose
  • Made of cast bronze, machined bronze, and copper
  • Not water level dependent