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Electric Leaper

Crystal’s Electric Leaper produces a 1/2″ (12mm) diameter glass-like rod of water which performs jumping and leaping effects. Available with a 12VDC 5W RBGW LED lighting option to add brilliant light displays to the water stream. The diverter is PLC controlled.
Comes with an internal 12VDC, 5W RGBW LED light adding brilliant light displays to the water stream. The diverter is PLC controlled.

Groupings of Leapers create dynamic displays that can be programmed in random or regular patterns when connected to an external controller. The Electric Leaper comes in a stand or niche version and can be mounted, submerged in, or partially external to the water feature.

Construction of fixtures shall be high-density polyethylene, polycarbonate, and stainless steel.

LED147 / LED149

  1. Crystal Fountains’ LED Power/Data supply to be ordered separately.
  2. Individual Light and Sequencing Control are achieved by using Crystal’s LEDPS Series lighting controls and or Crystal’s Animation Control Panel. Contact Crystal for more details.
  3. Filtered water supply required, recommended using cartridge type filter as a minimum (50 micron maximum for residential use). For the optimal installation (commercial) use 5-micron bag filters to minimize the maintenance.
  4.  Must be installed by a licensed electrician to comply with local electrical code.
  5.  Refer to installation and wiring diagrams on page 3.
  6.  Contact Crystal Fountains for detailed specifications, installation, and operation details.

LED147 only

  1.  Must be installed so that the nozzle is above the water level of the fountain.
  2.  Use Crystal Fountains EBJ series submersible junction box for cable connection.

If you have questions about this product please call 631-467-5115.


  • Water Inlet: 1″ (25mm) male N.P.T.
  • Diverter: 12VDC / 1A. 12Watt. PLC controlled. Diverter mechanism can switch on/off in ranges from.05 seconds to unlimited
  • LED Lighting: 12VDC, 5W RGBW LED
  • Compliance: CE marking, IP68, submersible rated
Electric Leaper Cutsheet