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Foam Jet – NFO

Easy to install, this Foam Jet creates a mass of aerated water run at lower levels, and transforms into a frothy column at levels above 8’. This effect is ideal for medium to large-sized displays, holding shape better at lower heights.

A mound of aerated water at low levels, the Foam Jet becomes a splashy, frothy column at high levels. Ideal for medium-sized and large displays. Provides optimum visual and sound effects.
Water level dependent.

Construction shall be machined cast bronze and copper.

ASU Series Swivel
15º swivel connection for directional alignment of nozzle

Wave Suppressor
Required in small pools or confined areas. Contact Crystal Fountains Inc. for pricing and details.


  1. Dimension “w” must be maintained.
  2. A constant unvarying water level is required.
  3. Requires non-turbulent water supply.

More information can be found on the cut sheet


  • Made of machined cast bronze and copper
  • 15 degree swivel connection for directional alignment of nozzle
Foam Jet NFO cutsheet