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Hollow Column Jet

This Hollow Column Jet gives the allusion of a clear glass tube overflowing when run at low levels. A beautiful effect ideal for small pools and tranquil locations.

A hollow column of clear water appears to be an overflowing glass tube. Cresting water creates a minimum splash. Spectacular when Illuminated.
Not water level dependent

Construction shall be cast Iron bronze, extruded machined brass, copper, and stainless steel. Complete with integral swivel adjustment.

For optimum effect

  1. Requires non-turbulent water supply.
  2. Requires fine screening at the pump (see performance chart).

More information can be found on the cut sheet


  • Cresting water creates minimum splash
  • Spectacular effect when illuminated
  • Made of cast bronze, brass and copper
  • Integral swivel adjustment
  • Not water level dependent
Hollow Column Jet Cutsheet