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Mist Column Pod

Similar to the NPA, the NPD produces a majestic, clear column with an exaggerated mist effect that becomes more concentrated with the height of the stream.

A majestic clear column of water which produces a misty and lacy effect. Ideal for evaporative or cooling ponds. Produces a good visual effect from a distance.

Construction shall be machined brass and cast bronze with 16 custom precision nozzles.

ASU300 – 15º swivel connection for directional alignment of nozzle

For optimum effect

  1. ECW wind control panel recommended in windy locations.
  2. Dimension ‘W’ (nozzle projection above water) must be maintained

More information can be found on the cut sheet


  • Less dense column of water
  • Ideal for medium to large pools
  • Produces a good visual effect from a distance and holds light well
  • Made of machined brass and cast bronze
  • Optional alignment swivel available (ASU)
  • Not water level dependent
Mist Column Pod Cutsheet