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Plume Jet – NEA

The NEA Plume Jet produces a long and slender column of water which evolves into a soft plume effect at its peak, creating a unique aesthetic.

A long and slender column of water that displays an attractive “roostertail” in mild winds, the NEA Plume Jet may also be used for vertical effects, angled spray bars, and rings.
Not water level dependent.

Construction shall be cast bronze and brass with an integral swivel connection. Available with male and female connection (See page 2)

WMF082 – Key for angle adjustment (NEA012 to NEA078 only)

For optimum effect:

  1. Requires fine filter screening at the pump. Screen openings should not exceed 50% of dimension “C”
  2. Swivel alignment should not exceed d dimension
  3. Requires a straight length of pipe to the nozzle inlet. 6 times the inlet diameter.
  4. Contact Crystal for custom bore sizes

All of the products on this page are made of the highest quality materials.


  • Holds its shape in vertical effects, angled spray bars, and rings
  • Easy installation with swivel connector
  • Available in both male and female inlet types
  • Made of cast bronze and brass
  • Not water level dependent