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Plume Jet (NEF)

Similar to the NEA, the NEF Plume Jets create an elongated column of water with plume. With streams ranging from ½” to 2” in diameter and with a burst of plume effect at the peak, these jets are optimally used in medium-large-sized displays.

An elongated column of water with Impressive vertical effects, the NEF Plume Jet produces an elegant “rooster tail” in gentle winds. Primarily for use in medium-sized and large displays.
Not water level dependent.

Construction shall be cast bronze with a machined inner surface.

ASU Series – 15º swivel connection for directional alignment of the nozzle


  1. Requires fine screening at the pump for optimum effect(see chart below)
  2. Requires flow straightener for optimum effect
  3. Contact Crystal Foundations Inc. for detailed specification, installation, and operation details
  4. Contact Crystal Fountains Inc. for customized bore sizes

If you don’t find what you’re looking for please call us at 631-467-5115.


  • Made of cast bronze
  • Optional alignment swivel available (ASU)
  • Not Water level dependent