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Sequencing Aerator Nozzle

The Crystal ChoreoSwitch is an exciting sequencing unit meant for fountains with no public access. Available in plume, aerator, or finger jet variations, the ChoreoSwitch allows for the creation of advanced fountain shows due to its high sequencing speed. This particular jet is a plume and can activate up to 10 times per second while producing a powerful steamy effect with no water hammer. Multiple ChoreoSwitches can be grouped together to produce a wide array of geometric patterns and the heights can be controlled through the use of a variable speed drive pump.

The Crystal Fountains ChoreoSwitch® is a water level independent sequencing nozzle assembly that produces programmed effects at high switching speeds, up to 10 times per second, when receiving a signal from a programmable logic controller (PLC). Grouped together, multiple choreoswitches can produce a wide variety of geometric patterns. Varying heights can be produced using a variable frequency drive(VFD) pump. The ChoreoSwitch® is a low-maintenance device that produces no water hammer. The brass nozzle creates a highly aerated water effect in a slender, column shape.

Construction shall be brass, plastic and stainless steel complete with:

  1. 12VDC(SWS145) or 24VAC(SWS100) signal and common sequencing device, 5 Watt DC or 8 Watt AC non-polarized coil. Inrush current 20VA, holding current 11VA.
  2. Solenoid equipped with power current verifying LED indicator.
  3. Solenoid assembly shall be serviceable.
  4. Patented Front access door for slide-out easy-clean debris screen.
  5. Patented media isolation valve to protect the solenoid from corrosion

Quick connect kit: Part No. SWS100A600, includes 1″ brass gate valve, quick-disconnect cam-lock.


  1. Minimum 1/8″ (3mm) suction strainer required. Discharge filter 500 microns recommended.
  2. Connect the submersible cable to Crystal Fountains’ EBJ series junction box with an EGS series cord seal
  3. Air snorkel (see front view) must be kept at a minimum of 1″ (25mm above water level to ensure desired water effect.
  4. May be installed out of water or submerged to the maximum water level shown (see Performance chart).
  5. Fuse all outputs to switches in a panel box.
  6. 24VAC ChoreoSwitch® must have GFCI protection.
  7. For interactive play DO NOT exceed 20ft/sec. (6m/s) or 11.95GPM (45 LPM).
  8. Exhaust fitting included (shipped loose): 1″ Tee and 1″ elbow or PVC sch. 40. Use elbow for exposed-exhaust application and use Tee for submerged application to minimize rocking thrust.
  9. The pivot point for the stainless steel stand is centered at top of the nozzle for maximum angle adjustment while minimizing nozzle movement.
  10. Contact Crystal Fountains for detailed specifications, Installation, and operation details.

Function of Choreoswitch
The Crystal Fountains ChoreoSwitch® is a switch capable of directing water on and off to nozzles without any water hammer associated with normal valves that shut the water which causes destructive water hammers, The Crystal Fountains ChoreoSwitch® never actually shuts the water off. When the fountain controller closes the water discharge port, the water is diverted to the water by-pass ports, the diverted water exits the unit via the water bypass port elbows, which then flows back to the reservoir using a 12VDC or 24VDC signal from a control.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for please call us at 631-467-5115.


  • 1″
  • Made of polycarbonate ABS with UV protection and 304/316 stainless steel
  • Plastic nozzle
  • 24VAC
  • Operates under 50/60 Hz AC signal for global applications
  • Can be installed out of water or submerged
  • Can be adjusted up to 5° for easy installation alignment
  • Know when your unit is working – the ChoreoSwitch comes with a power current verifying LED light
  • Unique to the ChoreoSwitch, a service door compartment allows easy debris clean-out for maintenance
  • Optional Quick Connection Kit available
  • Patented media isolation valve to protect the solenoid from corrosion.
  • Not water level dependent
Sequencing Aerator Nozzle Cutsheet