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Starburst Laminar

Crystal’s Starburst Laminar is a high-tech illusion. The water is so well controlled it creates a ½” continuous glass-like rod of water that hits the water virtually sound and splash-free.

Crystal’s Starburst Laminar produces a 1/2″ (12mm) diameter glass-like rod of water with a traveling “starburst” of light from opening to end of the water stream. This playful effect is produced by the “Starburst Kit” and choice of built-in fiber optic or 12VDC/8W RGBW LED to produce breathtaking light shows that delight viewers of all ages.

Construction of fixture shall be high-density polyethylene, ABS, brass, and stainless steel.


  • Filtered water supply required, recommended using cartridge type filter as a minimum (50 micron maximum for residential use). For the optimal installation (commercial) use 5mkron bag filters to minimize the maintenance.
  • Contact Crystal Fountains for detailed specifications, installation, and operation details.
  • Refer to writing diagrams on page 3

WMV107 and WMV111

  • Customers can choose to run Laminar with or without lighting. Starburst effects can be created with another light source such as fountain lights, however, Crystal Fountains built-in Fiberoptic: or RGBW LED produces the optimum performance. Contact Crystal Fountains for a recommendation of the illuminator.

WMV127 and WMV129

  • LEDPS Series Power/Data supply to be ordered separately.
  • Only use Crystal Fountains’ Animation Panel, to be ordered separately.
  • Must be installed by a licensed electrician to comply with a local electrical code.

More information can be found on the cut sheet.


  • Comes with the Starburst Kit creating a traveling “Starburst” light that appears from opening to end of the water stream when connected to a fiberoptic or LED source.
  • Fast programming and an unlimited color palette including white
  • Combined with the built-in light, produces breathtaking light shows


  • Combined with the built-in light, produces breathtaking light shows
  • Produce multiple heights using a variable speed drive pump
  • Unit can be installed out of water or submerged to maximum water level shown
  • Can be flush-mounted in a deck with optional niche*

Easy Installation:

  • Has up up 50° installation adjustment built in
  • 3 cable lengths to choose from (LED model only)


  • Each RGBW LED stream can be individually programmed for unlimited lighting shows including pure white
  • Made of high density polyethylene, polycarbonate ABS with UV protection, 304/316 stainless steel and brass with 1″ male n.p.t
  • LED light 12VDC
  • Available with an optional niche, lid and animation panel to control lighting
  • Water level independent**
Starburst Laminar Cutsheet