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WaterCastle Jet – NWA

Similar to the WaterCastle (NWC), this jet produces a graceful spray effect.

A graceful spray effect with adjustable nozzles to allow adaptability to site requirements. Ideal for small and medium-sized displays.
Not water level dependent.

Construction shall be cast bronze, machined brass, and copper with adjustable nozzles and a removable cap for easy cleaning.

ASU125 – 15º swivel connection for directional alignment of the nozzle

For optimum effect
1. Requires fine screening at the pump (see performance chart)

More information can be found on the cut sheet


  • Adjustable nozzles for creative spray patterns
  • Spread up to 16’
  • Ideal for small or medium sized displays
  • Made of cast bronze, machined brass and copper
  • Adjustable nozzles and removable cap for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Not water level dependent
Watercastle Jet - NWA Cutsheet