Long Island Fountain Parts

If you are planning to install a fountain in your home or garden, you may be wondering how to find the right long island Fountain parts. Fortunately, there are several things you can look for when selecting the right parts for your Fountain. Listed below are the main components and types of fountain parts. Read [...]

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Creating a Water Fountain

A water fountain is a wonderful addition to your garden. A fountain will irrigate your garden and add beauty to your landscape. A small water fountain can add beauty to your backyard. This type of plant requires little maintenance, but you will need to monitor the water level regularly to avoid overwatering and mosquito infestation. [...]

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Water Fountain maintenance

Water fountains require some maintenance. You should remove leaves and debris regularly to avoid pump burnout, and you should completely dry it out before winter. However, you can install it yourself if you know how to set it up. But if it's over 150 pounds, you should consider hiring a professional to install it for [...]

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How to Design a Fountain

Long Island Fountain makes the process of designing a fountain simple. They have years of experience in the field and pay careful attention to detail. These professionals are a top choice for architects and engineers looking for turnkey solutions. Individuals are turning to them for help with fountain planning and consulting. They also offer parts [...]

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Decorative Fountains with Long Island Fountain Supply Co

A concrete fountain can be easily transported and comes in a variety of colors. The concrete is very lightweight, making it easier to shape into the desired shape. These durable water features can be assembled by using a hose, and are ideal for small spaces. Some of these models even look like natural cut [...]

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Creating Your Own Water Fountain Design with Long Island Fountain Supply Co

Making your own fountain design is not as difficult as you may think. In fact, it can even be fun and exciting. When designing a fountain take into consideration not only the function the fountain serves but also the visual aspect that will enhance the fountain as well. Many people use water fountains outdoors [...]

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Plume Jet NEA

Plume Jet - NEA The NEA Plume Jet produces a long and slender column of water which evolves into a soft plume effect at its peak, creating a unique aesthetic. Specifications: Holds its shape in vertical effects, angled spray bars, and rings Easy [...]

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