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Breathtaking Works of Art

At Long Island Fountain, one of the major fountain retailers that we work with is OASE. OASE Professional has been in the fountain design industry for many years, creating some of the world’s most breathtaking professional water features. We proudly offer many fountain parts supplied by the OASE company to ensure that all of our water feature projects are durable, safe, professional, and aesthetically pleasing.

No matter the type of fountain part that you may need, you can rest assured that you will find it with Long Island Fountain. Our inventory goes above and beyond local competitors, and we are always fully stocked with a wide variety of OASE fountain accessories for decorative fountains. Some of the most popular OASE fountain parts that we carry are their wide array of fountain pumps and nozzles.

OASE Professional Nozzles

Over the years, OASE has become one of the leaders in the decorative fountains industry by supplying fountain parts to many decorative fountain retailers. Their line of professional water fountain nozzles are unsurpassed, offering a variety of shapes and water actions. The nozzles that are supplied by OASE can turn any water feature into a display that dazzles an audience and excites visitors. 

The OASE line of water feature nozzles for decorative fountains come in two basic components:

Controllable Nozzles: The controllable nozzles can all be activated on an individual basis. This gives the user the ability to generate different types of water effects. Some of the most popular effects include:

  • Jumping Jet Rainbow Star
  • Vario Switch
  • Splash Core
  • Multi-directional Drive

Classic Nozzles: Classic nozzles have a steady and more balanced behavior. These nozzles are intended for a more streamlined water feature effect with steady streams of water. The features that a classic nozzle has include:

  • Comet Nozzles
  • Orb Nozzles
  • Hollow Jet Nozzles

OASE Professional Pumps

Anyone in the decorative fountains industry will tell you that a fountain’s pump is like its heart. The pump of a fountain is where it shoots its water from, enabling the dazzling effects that are produced by the nozzle. Without a trustworthy pump, your water feature will not work as it should. Long Island Fountain highly recommends using pumps from OASE fountains. They come in two general forms:

OASE Fountain Controllable Pumps: A controllable pump will allow the user to change to different water patterns at any given time. The most popular variant of the OASE fountain controllable pump is the Varionaut 90.

OASE Fountain Classic Pumps: A classic pump allows for a never ending stream of water for your professional decorative fountain. A popular model of an OASE fountain classic pump is the Aquarius Universal Premium.

No matter the kind of fountain part that you may need, you can bet that OASE fountains has it on hand for you. For more information on how to purchase OASE fountain parts, please contact us today!