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Floating Fountains

Floating fountains give you the versatility, performance, and reliability you need. Ranging from 1/2HP to 7.5HP, there is a floating fountain solution perfect for any size pond or lake. Floating fountains come with multiple nozzles that deliver classy, elegant spray patterns.

In addition to enhancing the class and elegance of your pond or lake, these fountains will improve the health of your water with increased oxygen transfer. Floating fountains are designed and built to deliver reliable and efficient performance, meaning lower long-term operating costs.

Floating Fountain Overview & Specifications

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel components
  • Clog-resistant pump housing
  • Stunning premium nozzle patterns including: Madrone, Magnolia, Mahogany, Palm and Redwood
  • Multiple unit options for any size pond or lake
  • Low operating costs, very efficient units
  • 2-year warranty on 3/4 and 1HP units
  • 3-year warranty on units larger than 2HP
Part Numbers and Pattern Displays of Floating Fountains

Floating Fountain Benefits

Easy To Use and Install

Floating fountains are easy to move, operate and install. Spray nozzles are easily interchanged with simple set screws and can be changed within 30 seconds.


Floating fountains offer multiple, interchangeable spray patterns for the price of one.

  • 3/4HP and 1HP = Five patterns
  • 2HP and 3HP = Six patterns
  • 5HP = Seven patterns
  • 7.5HP = Three patterns

Complete Package

Floating fountains ship as a complete package making installation very simple. Included with each unit are nozzles to create multiple decorative spray patterns, a control panel with GFI and photo-eye for 120V units or 2nd timer for 240V units. Power cord and mooring lines are also included.


1750 RPM motors mean lower power consumption and longer life for unit seals and bearings. Compare Kasco’s amp draw to competitive units and see what you save on your monthly power bill.

Optional Lighting Packages Available

Types of Floating Fountains Offered

Buckingham Type Floating Fountain


The Buckingham has a tall center stream surrounded by four tiers of six gracefully arching streams.
Aerating Type Floating Fountain


The Select Series Cascade uses a specialized, pattern-specific upper tube that induces a greater flow than the pump produces. This creates a very heavy and attractive “pine tree” shape. The Cascade is not interchangeable.
Flare & Sky Geyser Type Floating Fountain

Flare & Sky Geyser

The Flare & Sky Geyser is a two-tier pattern with a high Sky Geyser and a large, lower, conical fan.

Full Geyser Type Floating Fountain

Full Geyser

The Full Geyser has several vertical streams that intermingle to produce a single, heavy, moderately high, and undulating pattern that “fluffs out” near the top. This is an excellent pattern to use where a single, moderately high pattern is desired. It has the fullness to give it good visibility.

Majestic Type Floating Fountain


The Majestic has eight high, coherent, arching streams and eight medium arching streams to create a beautiful pattern of maximum height and substantial diameter. This pattern maximizes the visual impact of a two-tier pattern since all the streams are high with a large diameter.

Spoke & Trellis Type Floating Fountain

Spoke & Trellis

The Spoke & Trellis has moderately high, arching streams surrounded by low and wide streams. The very wide pattern provides a large area of coverage that can help to discourage waterfowl. This pattern is especially attractive when it is viewed from a higher vantage point, both during the day and when lit.

Trellis Type Floating Fountain


The Trellis has 12, high, gracefully arching, coherent streams. As with other patterns with tall arching steams, the Trellis lights extremely well and is especially beautiful when lit with different colored lights.

Trellis & Sky Geyser Type Floating Fountain

Trellis & Sky Geyser

The Trellis & Sky Geyser has a high, single, coherent, Sky Geyser surrounded by a beautiful, 12- stream, reduced-height Trellis.