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Small Fountain Design Layout

A small fountain is a great addition to a any location or commercial property and brings a tranquil atmosphere to the outdoor landscape. Despite their size, small fountains can be quite intricate with several components necessary to make sure your display runs at peak efficiency. That’s where the team at Long Island Fountain can help. Our experience with designing fountains for homes and businesses has made us the leader on Long Island.

If you need assistance in designing a small fountain of your own, we invite you to give us a call at 631-467-5115 or fill the contact form. We look forward to helping you design your ideal fountain.

Small Fountain Components & Layout Example

The illustration below shows the typical components of a simple, single-effect lighted fountain. For best results, the hydraulics must be capable of providing the flow required by the jet and the power supplied to the electrical control box must be adequate to meet the needs of all electrical components. To properly contain the water from the effect, the pool’s minimum width should be twice the height of the effect. Penetrations in the fountain are required for the water inlet, drain and electrical conduit.

The legend below the image explains each fountain component and its function.
Small fountain layout example
(1) Water from the main enters through a manually operated gate valve and (2) inlet
(3) The submersible pump recirculates the pond water through the effect and its self-contained filter screen.
(4) A small ball valve provides manual control for the effect height.
(5) The jet head for the effect is base mounted.
(6) A water makeup unit consists of a sensor, solenoid actuated valve, and control circuitry to add water lost by evaporation. This is set to maintain levels between two depths. Simple float valves are also available for this.
(7) A low water cutoff (LWC-1) senses the water level and turns power off when the underwater lights are not submerged. A number of lights may be protected by this unit. Some underwater lights have self-contained LWC’s.
(8) The underwater lights are base mounted, and wired into an (9)underwater junction box, with the pump.
(10) The junction box is conduit connected to the control box, which contains the timer for pump control and the lighting controls.
(11) Overflow drain removes rain or excess water; may also be unscrewed to drain pool.