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Where Design Meets Elegance

The team at Long Island Fountain is proud to work with Delta Fountain, one of the leading fountain design manufacturers in the country. Delta Fountains have been manufacturing and supplying professional water feature companies with various fountain accessories and parts for many years. From common nozzles, pumps, and filters, to more complex water feature control systems, Delta Fountains has earned a reputation that speaks for itself.

Whether your professional water feature on Long Island is in need of a new pump, filter, or even an entire control panel that will designate the system’s features, you can be sure that Delta Fountains has what you need. Here at Long Island Fountain, we take pride in designing and installing professional Long Island water fountains that will captivate passersby and entertain visitors. By using fountain accessories supplied by Delta Fountains, you will be getting safe, durable materials that will keep your professional water feature running smoothly for years to come. 

Water Feature Control Panels

Delta Fountains specializes in manufacturing all parts necessary for a functional professional water feature. One of the many specialties their company supplies is the control panel for your fountain design. Aside from the water pump, the control panel is the heart and soul of your professional water feature.

The control panel supplied by Delta Fountains may be customized for any type of professional water feature on Long Island. From the control panel, the user can control the water feature’s lighting, animation, or flow of water. Available in various sizes, a professional water feature control panel by Delta Fountains is a must have for any fountain owner. Incredibly versatile and user friendly, the Delta Fountains control panel can allow its operator to control music, lights, water animation, and other programming at the press of a button.

If you are in need of any fountain accessories for your professional Long Island water feature, we highly recommend Delta Fountain parts. For more information, please fill out our contact form or call Long Island Fountain today!