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Fountain Lighting Basics

There are very few unlit fountains being installed today. As attractive as a fountain may be during daylight hours, it is immeasurably more beautiful at night with multi-hued lights playing upon it. If you are installing fountain lighting, here are a few tips to remember:

  • You can rarely over-light a fountain and under-lighting one can completely ruin its potential beauty.
  • When lights that have clear lenses operate at the same time as lights with colored lenses, the color tends to be “washed” out.
  • Colored lenses have different light transmission values and for balanced brilliance this must be taken into consideration.

Relative light transmission values are approximately as follows:

White (clear) 100%
Amber 50%
Red 25%
Green 15%
Blue 15%

Different shades of these basic colors will, of course, affect these percentages.

We’re the Fountain Lighting Experts

While lighting can dramatically elevate the beauty of your fountain, adding lighting to the water-dependent display can be a difficult task for those who’ve had little or no experience. That’s why at Long Island Fountain we offer our fountain lighting services to make sure the job is completed professionally. We’ve been helping create stunning lit displays throughout the U.S. and abroad for as long as we’ve been in business. Put our expertise to work and let us help you throughout the planning, design, and construction of your fountain.

If you have a preexisting fountain that you would like to add lighting to or would like to start the process and create a lit fountain from scratch, we invite you to call us at 631-467-5115 or fill out our simple form. We look forward to hearing from you and being able to help you start the process of setting up your fountain with gorgeous lighting.

The new LED Fixtures have limitless design flexibility in both color intensity and variety. LED lights have much lower power requirements, are highly efficient, will produce less heat, giving you lower maintenance and operating costs.  We carry an extensive supply of both LED and traditional incandescent fixtures.

Fountain Lighting Layout Diagram for Junction Box and Yoke Mount Installation