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Ground Jet

A popular, multi-purpose spray jet that can be used in small and medium-sized fountains and playdecks. Big brother to the NLF Crown Jet, this 5″ diameter nozzle creates a larger volume of gentle spray with a greater spread. Available with 4 interchangeable tops for different spray patterns.

A multi-purpose spray jet that can be used in a small and medium-sized fountains. The jet can also be cast into spray aprons in public playgrounds to ensure vandal resistant installation. Gentle spray coverage.
Not water level dependent.

Construction shall be machined cast bronze. Face plate shall be removable for easy cleaning with a security key. Ground lug shall be copper with stainless steel fastener.

Water connection: 2″ n.p.t female

ASU200 – 15º swivel connection for directionl alignment of nozzle
NLG200 W – Winter Cover
NLG200 K – Locking key (cover removable)
B.S.P. threading


  1. Requires fine screening at pump for optimum effect (maximum 0.030″).
  2. Contact Crystal Fountains Inc. for customized hole patterns.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for please call us at 631-467-5115.


  • Made of machined cast bronze
  • Removable faceplate for easy cleaning
  • Optional alignment swivel available (ASU)
  • Not water level dependent
Ground Jet Cutsheet