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Tulip Jet

This Tulip Jet produces a clear, thick sheet of pulsating water which rises around a center point and falls in a perfect spherical descent. With its ability to produce very little sound or splash, this product is ideal for both serene and windy locations.

A clear, heavy-duty sheet of pulsating water in a mushroom-like form. When operated in a full sheet pattern, there are very few sounds or splashes. Ideal for both serene and windy locations. Effective as a cooling and/or evaporative spray.
Not water level dependent.

Construction shall be machined bronze and brass with an adjustable top cone.

ASU Series – 15º swivel connection for directional alignment of the nozzle

For optimum effect

  1. The bottom of the nozzle must be installed at water level.
  2. The water supply must be non-turbulent.

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  • Effective as a cooling and/or evaporative spray
  • Optional alignment swivel available (ASU)
  • Made of machined cast bronze and brass with adjustable top cone to adjust thickness of water and spread
  • Standards with 25 or 35 degree cone
  • Custom angled cones available
  • Not water level dependent
Tulip Jet Cutsheet